BUBANZA May 18th (ABP) – National Assembly Speaker Pascal Nyabenda joined residents of the Musigati commune (northwestern Burundi) in community development works on Thursday May 16, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Those community works consisted of tracing the track connecting the Musigati commune to the Mpanda commune.

In his address, the Speaker of the National Assembly commended the initiative of the members of the association on the spot, called “Tezimbere Ikigazi” (Promote the palm tree), who are very involved in the tracing of that track and asks that it be a good example for people of other localities.

He called on local residents to think about building along that track for it to be one of the factors leading to their self-development. He promised support in the construction of bridges on that track and in the construction of a school in Ngomante village of the Musigati commune.

The Speaker of the National Assembly asked communal administrators to combine efforts for the rehabilitation of the RN 9 (Bujumbura-Bubanza), which is currently in a poor condition, considering the importance of a road in the everyday life of the users.

The Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament calls on the inhabitants of that commune to remain quiet, during the electoral period, to cohabit well without considering their tendencies and differences. He advised them to favor solidarity and mutual aid.

It is worth to note that the members of the “Tezimbere Ikigazi” association received a food aid, 50 hoes, 5 picks and 2 pearls, from the National Assembly Speaker.

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