BUJUMBURA July 6th (ABP) – Two civilians, including a man and a woman, were arrested in the Ngagara and Bwiza zones of Bujumbura City Council on July 1 and 3, 2019, accused of illegally wearing military and police uniforms. The spokesman of the Ministry of Public Security, Mr. Pierre Nkurikiye, showed them on Thursday to the reporters, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The woman who was arrested in the Ngagara urban zone of ​​Ntahangwa urban commune was in full military uniform. She told the press that she picked it up in the wild, adding that she quickly felt the urge to wear it. The man wearing Burundi National Police trousers, shirt, beret and boots revealed to the press that this was given to him by a policeman.

Commissioner Nkurikiye believes that this is a revelation to be made with reservations, stating that they should rather wait for the results of the investigations. He urges the people to alert the police as soon as possible, whenever there are people suspected of illegally wearing military and police effects. That person in authority regrets that those military and police effects are often used by criminals who pretend to be security guards.

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