GITEGA July 24th (ABP) – The governor of Gitega province (center), Mr. Venant Manirambona, calls on local elected representatives and members of joint security committees to be vigilant in order to denounce in time, all that would try to threaten the security, for example, the illegal holders of firearms. He made the appeal at a meeting he held in Mutaho commune on Monday, for local leaders, after Administrator Elie Niyomuhanyi escaped a grenade attack on the evening of Wednesday July 17th around 8:30 pm on his way home. He got away with a slight facial wound, caused by splinters of that grenade whose perpetrator has not yet been identified.

In his speech, the governor deplored the attempt with grenade and armed robbery whose perpetrators have not been identified so far. He decried this situation, which suggests a certain relaxation or distraction of the members of joint security committees who should remain vigilant and denounce any criminal. He invited local leaders to identify gun owners and report them to security officials, before recommending that they do everything possible, especially during this pre-election period, to block the way for anyone trying to threaten the peace. He asked parents to provide supervision for students on vacation around community and family development works, which would protect them from idleness-related behaviors.

The governor also decried the increasing number of land conflicts that sometimes degenerate into acts of violence among members of the same families. He recommended that they use a spirit of equity to share family land in the agreement. The governor also warned the people against the bad habits of waste of the harvest which, if they are not careful, constitute a source of food insecurity. He also decried the use of drugs and narcotics that incite various vices. He recommended to ensure the respect for the hours of regulation of opening bars, otherwise the offenders will be punished in compliance with the law.

In his welcoming speech, the administrator of the Mutaho commune, Mr. Elie Niyomuhanyi, had indicated that security is generally good in that commune. However, he deplored cases of attacks by armed robbers recently committed in Rwisabi village and at the modern market but whose perpetrators have not been identified. He also asked for an increase in the number of security forces in that commune, which is recording a significant movement of people from neighboring communes.

At the development level, Administrator Niyomuhanyi said that the commune is making visible progress both in the construction of public infrastructures and at the level of agricultural production. People are involved in various community development projects, such as drawing contour lines and development of nurseries of young plants.

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