BUJUMBURA September 28th (ABP)–The Center for Research and Studies on the Development of Societies in Reconstruction (CREDSR) organized, at the Mutanga campus of the University of Burundi (UB), a two-day workshop (from September 26 to 27, 2019) of methodological in-depth study for political science PhD students to help them move forward.

The Director of Research and Innovation Pr. Tatien Masharabu who opened the workshop, first recalled that the CREDSR is aimed at promoting research in the social sciences in interesting fields, including socio-economic development of Burundi, the training of students, researchers and users of applications of the social sciences.

Mr. Masharabu said afterwards that this methodological workshop was aimed concretely at creating around PhD students an environment of maximum concentration to help them move forward.

During the two days of the workshop, he specified that the PhD students will have the opportunity to present the progress of their research works and to have observations and constructive remarks from the CREDSR research lecturers.

Mr. Masharabu also pointed out that this workshop will allow PhD students to move forward in their research and can serve as an example to other research centers that could not hold such a meeting despite multiple reminders.

The workshop thus was aimed at establishing a good visibility of the relationship between the graduate school as well as the center and the research laboratory to which PhD students are attached, but also to clarify the training and research corridors linking the levels of master’s degree and doctorate initiated in the context of the implementation of BMD system.

The Director of Research concluded by expressing his thanks to the organizers of that scientific meeting for their contribution to the implementation of the annual action plans of UB and its graduate school for the actions dedicated to the dissemination of research results.

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