BUBANZA March 28th (ABP) – National Assembly Speaker Pascal Nyabenda and Chinese ambassador to Burundi were in Bubanza province (northwestern Burundi) on Tuesday March 26, 2019. They visited an Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center under construction and the Polytechnic School of the Moment, respectively in Gihanga and Mpanda communes, a check by ABP revealed.

That Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center is being built with the help of China. Experimental plots will be made to obtain selected seeds. There will also be the manufacture of livestock feed, storage sheds, sports fields and others. The Center is also planning capacity building for agricultural technicians and farmers.

According to the Speaker of the National Assembly, that project is an added value because the increase in agricultural production would go from simple to triple, he explained. Even the farmers will increase their knowledge that will help them improve their standards of living. He appealed to local residents to keep and appropriate that Center. To farmers from other provinces, he asked them to approach that Center for their capacity building.

As for the Polytechnic School of the Moment, it was founded by natives of the Mpanda commune in order to help young people of that commune and those of the neighboring communes, Mr. Nyabenda said. It has three sections, namely Management Information Technology, Telecommunications Informatics and Maintenance Computer Science.

The Chinese ambassador to Burundi donated benches to that school. He also promised help in other sectors to help young people flourish.

The Speaker of the National Assembly called on other Burundians to consider similar initiatives to help the government to supervise young people.

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