BUJUMBURA March 9th (ABP) – The General Director of Public Service Mutual (MFP), Mr. Abel Gashatsi, organized in Bujumbura on Thursday March 7, 2019, a retreat of the responsible officials on the mechanisms of reception of the insured in the health care facilities, a check on the site by ABP has revealed. He announced that this retreat was organized to analyze and identify the problems of MFP affiliates related to reception in health care facilities and pharmacies. Mr. Gashatsi said that welcoming patients is the first medication given to them and that if it is not, it is accentuating the patient’s illness, reason why he asked the MFP staff to put themselves into the shoes of the affiliates, because some come with pneumonia, while others leave their patients on the hospital bed alone.

The poor reception reproached to the agents of the mutual is demonstrated under different behaviors to be banned, including indifference to the insured, the use of inappropriate language, concentration on telephone communications or social media, exchanges between colleagues, desertions from workstations and the like, he said.

The MFP director general called for a good cohabitation and collaboration between the MFP staff and that of the health care facilities, because, according to him, in the absence of these, the MFP could go bankrupt and both the two sides would be affected. He also encouraged them to memorize professional ethics in order to embody a good image of the MFP and hope for affiliates.

To the benefit of the affiliates, Mr. Gashatsi said that the computerization of the MFP services is well under way and that it will be complete within a few months to closely monitor the economy, staff, stocks of medicines and good management of the assets of the mutual. He said that this computerization will reduce the circuit of the patient, the gift of the code to the new doctors to be able to treat the patients without delay and that this code will be validated in software which is being installed by a technical commission in charge of the so-called computerization.

Regarding the cost of supplements to the purchase of drugs in the pharmacies that collaborate with the MFP, Mr. Gashatsi said that the mutual will review the price of drugs because the tariffs in force date from 2001. He emphasized that the mutual must remain a regulator of the price of the medicine.

The participants in the retreat suggested to the Public Service Mutual to train the new staff before assigning them to the counters, this in order to increase the number of staff, to organize another retreat for self-evaluation, to set up a regular meetings framework and strengthen the radio program “Mutual IRAYAGA” to popularize the laws governing the mutual. It was also recommended to the affiliates of the mutual to always carry their mutual card as drivers of cars do for driving license and agents of the mutual to be proactive with customers to enhance their image and that of their employer.

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