BUJUMBURA November 14th (ABP) – The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) organized in Bujumbura on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, a sensitization session for civil society organizations and religious denominations, to deepen the themes related to the strengthening of democratic culture.

In order to prepare for the 2020 presidential elections, CENI has conducted a capacity building campaign on democratic culture, with a view to promoting peaceful elections. Dr Pierre Claver Kazihise, Chairman of the CENI, said that the objective of that campaign is to prepare the minds of the Burundians for the holding of free and peaceful elections. He added that civil society organizations have expressed interest in being able to support the CENI in this awareness-raising activity, since they reach a large part of the Burundian population.

The November 12 session was devoted to deepening the themes of democracy, non-violent communication, manipulation and the code of conduct of domestic and foreign observers for the 2020 electoral process. Guests also reviewed together the “standard form” of election observation. The chairman of the CENI also said that in the preparation for the elections, it is essential to prepare the people so that they can participate calmly in the elections. He says that civil society organizations will help the CENI raise awareness of the citizens to arrive at the elections in serenity.

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