MAKAMBA November 20th (ABP) – The people of Makamba province (south) are urged to avoid the practice of removing uvula on their own, for the good health of their children and especially newborns. This was said by the representative of the medical director of the Nyanza-Lac Hospital, Mr. Onésime Nibitanga, in Nyanza-Lac Thursday November 14, 2019, during a joint meeting of the communal platform and members of the Network of Religious Denominations for the Promotion of Health and Integral Well-being of the family (RCBIF-Burundi / Urunani Ndemeshabuzima), a check by BP revealed.

Mr. Nibitanga said that cases are often received at the hospital, especially children whose the uvula has been poorly cut, causing bleeding which can lead to complications to death. He said that it is normal that there may be cases of inflammation of the uvula, “the fleshy part at the entrance of the throat,” but the solution is not to cut that part, but rather to use drugs to cure this inflammation.

He asked the grassroots administrative officials, religious leaders and members of the RCBIF-Burundi / Urunani Ndemeshabuzima to sensitize the people to go to the nearest hospital or health center for the treatment of cases relating to inflammation of the uvula.

The administrator of the Nyanza-Lac commune, Mr. Jean Claude Nduwimana, took the opportunity to ask the people to go to the nearest health facility and avoid going to the pharmacy, before the consultation prior to the doctor.

He warned some religious denominations that prevent their faithful from going to the hospital, saying that whoever will be caught will be punished according to the law.

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