BUJUMBURA July 19th (ABP) – The use of phone while driving and other attitudes are sanctioned by the suspension of the driver’s license, according to a ministerial ordinance N° 215/1536 of November 12, 2018 laying down the terms of suspension and withdrawal of driving license.

As provided in that ordinance, the driver’s license may be suspended in cases of recidivism to traffic offenses attributable to the driver, crossing a continuous line, one-way traffic, dangerous overtaking, non-compliance with stop at traffic lights or stop, excess of loading that may cause damage to other road users, non-wearing of seatbelt by driver and passengers, refusal to present driver’s license and driving during the period of retention of driving license. The suspension of the driver’s license cannot exceed 90 calendar days from the date of suspension, as specified in that ordinance.

The same ordinance also specifies the offenses relating to the temporary withdrawal of the driving license. This is serious unintentional injury resulting in the victim’s disability, when it is found that the accident results from a serious driver misconduct, driving under the influence of drugs, hit-and-run, obstruction of the public road, excessive number of persons, speeding, failure to wear the safety helmet by the driver and / or the passenger of a motorcycle, the total loss of capital points of the driving license, as well as driving during the period of suspension of the driving license. The holder has the right to retake the theoretical and practical tests for a new driver’s license. He cannot pretend to retake the tests before a period of one year.

With regard to the final withdrawal of the driving license, the ordinance states that the driving license is permanently withdrawn in the circumstances of willful homicide, homicide with aggravating circumstances, the permanent loss of certain abilities of driving, as well as driving during the temporary withdrawal period. It also points out that the measure of definitively withdrawing a driving license is submitted to the competent authorities by the head of the service in charge of issuing driving licenses, after a trial which has become final. The person deprived of that right to drive cannot claim to obtain a new driving license. During the period of the judicial proceedings, the driving license subject to permanent withdrawal is considered to be a temporarily suspended driving license.

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