BUJUMBURA March 20th (ABP) – Security is good throughout the Bujumbura province (western Burundi), as declared on March 18, 2019 by the Provincial Commissioner, OPC2 Déo Bigirimana, in a security meeting he held at Gasozo, Mageyo zone of Mubimbi commune.

However, he pointed out that there have been some cases of insecurity in recent times, including the policeman who killed four people and wounded five others in Gatumba at the night of March 2 to 3, 2019. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. For the case of the theft of empty boxes at the Mugongomanga SSD, the thieves were arrested and are also in the jail. There is a motorcycle taxi driver from Rutegama village in Isare commune who was kidnapped and killed by thieves from Bukeye and whose body was exhumed by police in Muramvya (west). The executioners were arrested and sentenced. Commissioner Bigirimana also spoke about cases of motorcycle accidents and probox-brand cars, as well as the phenomenon called “Dunyuri (bicycle riders who ride to Bugarama behind the vehicles)” on the national road number 1 ( Bujumbura-Bugarama).

The Provincial Director of Education, Technical and Vocational Training, Mr. Raphaël Ciza, spoke about the cases of unwanted pregnancies that are recorded in schools even if they are today in recrudescence. He pointed the finger at certain directors who, instead of denouncing the perpetrators of those pregnancies by not giving reports, favor settlements out of court.

In this regard, the governor of Bujumbura, Ms. Nadine Gacuti, recommended that a list of those students be sent to her, as well as that of those who impregnated them to be prosecuted. It is the same for the directors who throw in the towel on that plague.

The pouring rain mixed with strong wind that did a lot of damage on Sunday the 17th in that province were also mentioned. The Isare commune recorded a lot of damage. Houses were destroyed in several villages. In Cirisha village, the roof of a Pentecost church was blown away, injuring 12 Christians, five of whom were seriously injured and were admitted to Rushubi Hospital.

The DCE office was damaged; its roof was blown away by the wind, Mr. Ciza said. He added that a classroom had been demolished by the wind in Buhonga. In Mutambu commune, Rwinjiro village, six classrooms had their roofs blown away by the wind. The provincial commissioner, who drew the attention of administrative officials and police to the case of people hiding behind prayer rooms to carry out a political campaign, warned that this can be a source of insecurity.

Regarding the situation, Governor Gacuti recalled that, as we are on the eve of the elections, they must be vigilant to that situation. Everyone is entitled to doing politics while avoiding tendencies in inappropriate places, including avoiding influences at the service and doing their job properly.

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