First Deputy President Gaston Sindimwo (first in the right)

BUJUMBURA January 3rd (ABP) – 1st Deputy President of the Republic of Burundi Gaston Sindimwo shared the prayer on Tuesday with the faithful of the “Rhema Church Burundi” located at the first avenue of Kamenge neighborhood in Ntahangwa urban commune, north of the capital Bujumbura. In addition to a message of peace, Mr. Sindimwo brought a ton of rice for the vulnerable of that church, a check by ABP revealed.

In his homily, Pastor Athanase Hakizimana, legal representative of Rhema Church Burundi, insisted on the respect of God who is “the sole guarantor of peace, security and prosperity”.

The pastor reassured the faithful that with the blessing of God, the year 2019 that begins will be successful not only in the Rhema Church Burundi but also in all sectors of national life. He shared this assurance with the 1st Deputy President of the Republic of Burundi.”Your enemies may seek to harm you. But as long as you are under the protection of God, they will come to nothing,” he said. That man of the church thus urged his faithful to love one another as recommended by the Almighty.

The 1st Deputy President of the Republic, in turn, called on the faithful of that church to respect for God and mutual aid. Thus, he gave the leaders of that church a help made of a ton of rice that is intended for the vulnerable of that church, in this case orphans and widowers.

The 1st Deputy President congratulated the leaders of that church for the efforts they made to build a church with their own resources without relying on external funding, thus promising his support.

After the prayer, 1st Deputy President Sindimwo went to make a gesture in favor of a patient living on 1st avenue No. 33. That woman was delighted with that visit of the 1st Deputy President of the Republic.

The 1st Deputy President of the Republic was in the company of the general director of the Public Service Mutual at the same time UPRONA party leader Abel Gashatsi and some other senior executives of the country.

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