The theft of cattle and nasty destructions are reported as causes of insecurity.

BUBANZA January 19th (ABP) – Theft of livestock and nasty destructions have been reported in recent days as major causes of insecurity in some localities of Bubanza province (north-west), according to a communal administrative source.
According to that source, more than 35 poultry, more than 10 goats, a cow and a pig were stolen in Mpanda, Musigati, Rugazi and Bubanza communes within a week. In Rugazi commune, local residents suspect a man from Kayanza province who settled on Butavuka hill and was caught with four stolen poultry. They ask that the alleged perpetrator be back home, at the risk of being subjected to popular justice. As for the nasty destructions, communal administrators talk about the rice and cassava fields that were destroyed in Muramba zone of Bubanza commune, and a banana field that was also damaged in Musigati commune. Perpetrators have not been identified.
The governor of Bubanza province, Mr. Tharcisse Niyongabo, and provincial police commissioner Damien Emmanuel Nizigiyimana, reminded residents of that province that security is everyone’s affair. They ask them to be more vigilant and to report in time whenever they see suspects. The joint security committees were asked to properly play their role.
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