More than 15,000 households living under common-law marriages regularized their situation in 2017

MUYINGA March 1st (ABP) – At least 15,000 households living under common-law marriages for some and concubine behavior for others regularized their situation, according to the report provided by the provincial registry office in Muyinga (north-east of Burundi). Total revenue amounts to more than 93,147,000 Burundian francs against 50,488,000 BIF from 2,230 marriages celebrated in 2016 according to the same document.
Butihinda commune registered more than 4,000 households in 2017 against 235 weddings celebrated in 2016 with the total revenue equivalent to 12,312,000 BIF. The Gasorwe commune occupies the second place with 3,604 marriages recorded in the civil registration against 455 couples received in 2016. That of Muyinga received 2,696 couples in marriage against 375 in 2016, the revenues went from 8million to more than 10 million. The remaining communes, except for Gashoho, saw their number of households living under common-law marriages decrease as indicated by the same document.

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