CIBITOKE March 12nd (ABP) – The residents of the Karurama neighborhood, in Rugombo commune, at the headquarters of Cibitoke province (northwestern Burundi), close to the BUCECO cement company, are worried about the pollution by dust emissions and fumes from the company.

According to their testimonies, the factory has contributed a lot to the development of the country in general and the province in particular, and speculations on the price of cement are over. However, they are worried about their health as a result of their exposure to cement components, due to a release of cement dust into the air.

They indicate that they are afraid of respiratory, pulmonary diseases and others, in addition to issues resulting from exposure for more time to machine noises. For that, some of those people told the check by ABP that they asked for a study on the environmental impact, but no success. In addition, they have resorted to different persons in authority and they are still waiting for the answer, they said.

In addition, their concern was even addressed to the Second Deputy President of the Republic, during the exchange of best wishes for the year 2019. He acknowledged that the issue is already set at the level of more than one ministry, and that they must wait for the favorable outcome for the benefit of the development and the health of the people living near the factory.

Recall that various officials of BUCECO who have already responded to those concerns of those people have tried to calm them for their health, while sensitizing them to plant trees in their respective plots.

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