RUMONGE March 28th (ABP) – A lifeless body was found on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, in Kanyenkoko village at the headquarters of Rumonge province (southwest) on Tuesday March 26. This is Eric Urumva, a 16-year-old boy from the Mbunga sub-village, Mwange village in Rumonge commune, according to his family.

Kanyenkoko Village Leader Juvenal Ninteretse said that information on the corpse was provided on Monday evening by fishermen entering the waters of Lake Tanganyika, reporting a body floating on the water. “We informed the administrative and security persons in authority and as it was at night, we agreed to make a trip on Tuesday morning,” said Ninteretse, noting that the body was already in decay. That person in authority thanked the various competent officials for their collaboration.

Jackson Harerimana, paternal uncle of the deceased, explained that the young Eric Irumva left his family on Friday March 22 around 5:00 am. In the company of his comrades, he embarked on a small boat, in order to rally Rumonge. But, halfway, he fell into the lake. His comrades returned to the shores and informed his family of his disappearance around 5:00 pm on that Friday, Mr. Harerimana continued to say. He added that despite much research, it had not been possible to find him yet.

According to him, the family was informed, via the administrative officials, that his body had been found. The body was buried the same morning of Tuesday in the presence of the family, the administrative and security officials.

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