The first regular session of the 2018 National Media Council Plenary Assembly has been held in Cankuzo

CANKUZO February 24th (ABP) – As part of its visibility throughout the country, the National Media Council (CNC) held from February 22 to 23, 2018 in Cankuzo Province the first regular session of the Plenary Assembly for 2018 under the lead by the CNC Chairman, the Honorable Karenga Ramazani.
In his opening address, the National media Council chairman said that the Council has set a goal and a tradition of visiting all the provinces of the country as part of its visibility throughout the country so that everyone can know that its activities to monitor the functioning of different media and newspapers are not limited only in the capital of Burundi but also at the interior of the country.
He recalled its raison d’être and its functioning including the protection of various media as to the respect of journalistic ethics and recovery in case of slippage.
During two days, the CNC members exchanged on various points notably the adoption of the minutes of the ordinary Plenary meeting from December 20 to 21, 2017, the analysis of a draft of the 2018 annual report of the CNC activities, the draft analysis of the behavioral framework of the CNC members, the analysis of the applications for authorization of the new media, the analysis and the adoption of a draft decision regulating the training of the journalists and technicians of information in Burundi, the analysis of the media content monitoring report from December 1, 2017, the analysis of the changes in the status of the social fund of the CNC members and the evaluation of the fees used at the time of exchanging best wishes and the miscellaneous.
The governor of the Cankuzo province, Mr. Désiré Njiji, confirmed in his welcoming address that a climate of peace and security reigns throughout the province. However, he expressed his deep concern about the National Television that is not watched and the National Radio that is not well listened to in some localities of the Cankuzo province and wished the establishment of community radio stations. Note that the meeting continued in camera.

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