CIBITOKE November 12th (ABP) – The fraud of loincloths of Congolese origin is still being talked about in Cibitoke province, especially on the Bujumbura-Ruhwa road (RN5).

In the morning of Friday November 8, a certain Jean Baptiste Hasabintwari wanting to earn more, was arrested at the Nyamitanga barrier in Buganda commune following the vigilance of police through their search on vehicles. The latter was aboard a Hiace brand public transport minibus, and had tried to hide his 24 loincloths by wrapping them carefully around his body with ropes. Then he put on his long dress of Muslims. He is currently kept in the police cell of Buganda commune.

To see this recrudescence of the fraud of loincloths these days, some wonder if the expenses of customs clearance would not be very high? Otherwise why would traders prefer to go through illegal channels?

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