BUJUMBURA November 24th (ABP) – The National Federation of Associations Working in the Field of Children in Burundi (FENADEB) issued a statement as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Children’s Rights, in which they declare that their wish is for all humankind to show a particular attachment to the best interests of the child, stressing that this is a matter for everyone.

That federation proposes to work for the respect and the defense of the rights of the child in Burundi, through protection, promotion and advocacy actions aimed at ensuring the development of the child. It aims to make Burundian society respectful of human rights in general and those of children in particular, the statement said.

FENADEB is pleased with the government’s efforts to uphold the rights of children. In fact, after free schooling up to grade 6 and free medical care for children under five, the government set up child protection bodies, bodies giving the floor to the child through the National Children’s Forum (FONEB) in all communes, and opened commissions dealing with children’s issues in its various bodies and services.

In addition, FENADEB continues to denounce the challenges recorded in the area of ​​children’s rights. These include dropping out of school, unwanted pregnancy, sexual exploitation, child labor, physical abuse, abuse and economic exploitation, delinquency, alcohol and drug consumption, trafficking and kidnapping of children. Faced with those challenges, FENADEB undertakes to continue its advocacy efforts to strengthen the system put in place to curb trafficking, child kidnapping and international adoption, which keeps the flaws harmful to the child, without forgetting other components that need an advocacy.

FENADEB reminds that responsibility in protecting the rights of the child must be shared. It urges communities, local elected officials, the media and political actors to effectively engage in protecting the children’s rights and in everyone’s commitment to the care of children in difficulty.

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