BUJUMBURA February 20th (ABP) – The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mr. Gaspard Banyankimbona, proceeded, in the premises of the University of Burundi on Monday February 18, 2019, with the official launch of evaluation of the education quality provided in public higher education institutions. The assessment began on Tuesday February 19, 2019 by the University of Burundi.

In the missions entrusted to him by the Burundian State, Minister Banyankimbona has the latitude to make this assessment, given that the quality of university education or public higher education institutions is not negotiable, adding that a team of 50 evaluators was put in place to do that work for seven days. Mr. Banyankimbona further stated that the evaluation will focus on teaching staff, procedural manuals and the number of titles assigned to heads of different departments. The minister also said that after the assessment, the National East African Community Council and the Malagasy National Council will come to gauge the quality and relevance of the lessons taught in Burundi.

Mr. Banyankimbona also said that this official launch comes six months after the beginning of the diagnosis of higher education in Burundi which began in August 2018 by the evaluation of private higher education universities. He specified on that occasion that universities must constantly learn to reinvent themselves, integrate new knowledge and take advantage of new technologies, in order to cover the needs of the country and ensure competitiveness at national, sub-regional and even international level, through an affluent exchange of students from the world.

In his welcoming speech, the Rector of the University of Burundi, Mr. François Havyarimana, said that the institution intends to open two new campuses, in addition to its six existing ones, to sustain the University of Burundi.

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