One of several marketplaces of school materials in Bujumbura City Council

BUJUMBURA August 27th (ABP) – School materials currently being marketed in several places of the Bujumbura City Council are running out of customers, said vendors on Friday during a visit that the check by ABP made to different stands.

At the stands of the Arts Palace, everyone is welcomed warmly at the entrance and each vendor makes the protocol to his display, which proves that customers are not numerous. Another finding is that even those who enter that marketplace simply wanted to find out about prices. Some visitors say that school materials are sold at fancy prices compared to last year.School material vendors at the center of Bujumbura City said they are currently experiencing a lack of customers, which was not the case in previous years, at the same time. Customers come drop by drop, and a shopkeeper can spend all day without having a single customer, meant one of them. He also told the check by ABP that this glaring lack of school supplies is a result of some reasons, namely lack of money, because most parents wait until the end of the month to receive their salary. Another reason is that the Ministry of education has not yet proclaimed the date of the new school year. Similarly, the guidance for post-basic level students has not yet been released, which could stimulate parents to buy school materials faster.

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