NGOZI July 13th (ABP) – The Minister of Communication and Media held in Ngozi (northern Burundi) on Thursday, a regional workshop of explanation and exchange on the establishment of monitoring and information analysis units.

The Minister said in his opening speech that the ministry is preparing to issue an ordinance setting up this body at the provincial level and that the workshop held in Ngozi was a good opportunity to discuss ways and means of delivering information that brings together and moves the country forward. He said the members of that unit will be chosen from various sectors of national life.

According to communications expert Jacques Bukuru, the unit is a dynamic process subject to a personalized and periodic provision of data or information processed according to a purpose specific to the recipient using an expertise related to the subject or nature of information. Its mission is to collect data and treat them well.

The monitoring unit is a tool for mobilizing internal and external resources. It is a tool of impulse of solidarity between the inhabitants. That body is of paramount importance in the maintenance of order and tranquility of the people. The provincial unit will help the authorities to quickly identify and assess any warning signs that may occur. It is an opportunity to intervene with the provincial authorities in the preparation and management of a crisis, that is to say, to take control of what is said about the event and not to give way to rumor. The monitoring unit will also strengthen trust between members.

The monitoring and information analysis unit will be chaired by the provincial governor. The secretariat will be provided by the correspondent (provincial news reporter) working for Burundi News Agency (ABP).

The workshop was attended by the Northern provinces such as Kayanza, Ngozi, Muyinga and Kirundo.

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