RUTANA May 11th (ABP) – The goal of electronic registration of subsidized fertilizer beneficiaries is not only to fight against the fraud of this product, but also to leave the self-consumption agriculture to move towards commercial agriculture, as disclosed in Rutana on Tuesday May 7, 2019 by a representative of the Fertilization Department at the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, who came alongside a delegate from the NGO called AUXFIN to inform administrative officials and technicians of the provincial office of the said ministry in Rutana.

That executive of the Fertilization Department said that seven years ago, Burundi has started to give subsidized fertilizer to the people and that sometimes, it was noticed that there were people who were practicing fraud for that product.

With this electronic registration, the fertilizer subsidy will be more controlled and there will be no more fraud but later there will also be subsidy of the selected seeds, as there will also be the registration of the cultivable areas of farmers.

That’s why he called on all those who were present to raise the awareness of all people without distinction, to attend that work. This not only has the advantage of knowing the real farmers and the areas they use in this work but will also be an opportunity to ensure that the specialization of regions in agriculture is possible, which will contribute to the valorization of the agricultural sector.

Regarding the land rented, it was said that there will be no double registration especially since they will go to one’s land property, they will correctly register their family names and first names, they will also take the photo of their identity card and number, this to say that if the tenant seeks to register the property for the second time, the software will reject it.

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