RUMONGE March 30th (ABP) – The DYNAPHARM Burundi association met farmers and other people in the communities of Rumonge province (south-west), in a sensitization session on good food hygiene on table, promoting its food products for good health and organic fertilizers, in order to significantly improve agricultural productivity.

Mr. Aaron Ndayisenga, socio-cultural adviser of the governor of the province, expressed his gratitude for the association to introduce its products of Malaysian origin to Rumonge, indicating that they can improve the health of people and high agricultural productivity that people of Rumonge are in urgent need. He called on the people of Rumonge to use those products. Nevertheless, he advised them not to leave aside the medicines prescribed by doctors, because those products are not drugs but “nutrients”.

On his part, Mr. Janvier Nigarura, nutritionist at DYNAPHARM Burundi, noted in his presentation that 90% of patients are ill due to bad eating habits that are the cause of several diseases. The food products that DYNAPHARM Burundi sells (more than 800 products), he said, “Come to make our body healthy again, correct the consequences of bad eating habits, but also prevent diseases,” adding that some of those nutrients even improve sexual health within couples.

In Agriculture and Livestock, Mr. Barnabé Bigirimana of DYNAPHARM Burundi explained that the organic fertilizers sold by this association are usable on all the plants without exception, indicating that these organic fertilizers contain all the 13 elements that plants need and can also increase agricultural yield. As an example, he explained that on one hectare of an oil palm plantation, 1 liter of fertilizer is sufficient to produce up to 8 tons, which is the case in Malaysia, while the same space produces around 2.5 tons in Burundi with traditional chemical fertilizers that contain between 2 and 3 elements.

Mr. Festus Ciza, chairman of the Association for the Promotion of Burundi Palm Farmers (APROPABU), who collaborates with DYNAPHARM Burundi, called on farmers in general and palm farmers in particular to use those fertilizers for high agricultural productivity, in order to fight against food-related challenges in Burundi.

One stakeholder asked whether DYNAPHARM Burundi will not close as in 2015 when it closed its offices in Rumonge. Mr. Ciza reassured him, saying that DYNAPHARM Burundi has no intention of closing its doors, but rather that it intends to work in the long term. He noted that the closing of its offices in 2015 was conditioned by the security situation of that period.

To join DYNAPHARM Burundi, as recalled, it is necessary to pay a sum of 150,000 BIF to be able to benefit from nutrients or organic fertilizers worth 174,000 BIF and price reductions on the products.

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