BUBANZA November 4th (ABP) – Residents of Musigati commune in Bubanza province (north-west) are urged to redouble their vigilance and remain in good collaboration with the administration and the police, in order to avoid any cause of insecurity in that locality, a check by ABP, in the security meeting that was held by the governor of Bubanza in commune Musigati on Thursday October 31, has revealed. That appeal was launched when, about two weeks ago, a group of armed men was reported in the Dondi and Kayange villages of Musigati commune.

The governor of Bubanza province, Mr. Nobus Therence Butoyi, is delighted with the synergistic work that local residents, the administration and the police have done to fight against that armed group. He reassures local residents that security is currently good and asks them to continue their self-development projects in peace. The governor asks them to report in real time, whenever they see any cause of insecurity in their respective localities. He advises them to return home early, cut short with the brewing and consumption of prohibited drinks and review the upbringing of their children.

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