KAYANZA May 7th (ABP) – Residents of Gatara Commune in Kayanza Province (North) commend the government’s project to build village leaders’ offices, as they allow them to go about their business freely without wasting time and make it easy for them to find those village leaders at a specific address.

On the side of the administration, the assessment is also positive, although there is still a lack of materials for all offices to be functional, as revealed to the check by ABP during an interview with the inhabitants of different villages of the Gatara commune.

According to the communal administrator of Gatara, Ms. Devote Ndayizeye, the construction project of the offices of the village leaders was well received, because of the 28 villages that make up this commune, 18 already have offices even if it still lacks materials, including roofs and cement in 16 offices. Same saying for Ms. Marie Ahishakiye, leader of the Muhingira village in the same commune, who now has her functional office and who says that it is the people themselves who have collected the local materials and that the administration has contributed by granting iron sheets.

However, that village leader has a sigh of relief, since when she did not have an office, the people found her anywhere; at home, at the market, or even at the bar because she was without address. But for the moment, she says, it is necessary to draw a work schedule, because the people know where to find her. The opinion was also shared by locals who say having an office for a village leader is an honor for that official position.

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