KAYANZA 2nd (ABP) – Young people of Kayanza province (northern Burundi) are urged to avoid rumors and stay calm in the run-up to the 2020 elections. That is an appeal launched on Thursday August 29, 2019 by the Minister of Public Works, Transport, Equipment and Spatial Planning, Mr. Jean Bosco Ntunzwenimana, during the works of the summer camps in Kabarore commune of the said province. Minister Ntunzwenimana invited them to keep a good cohabitation despite the diversity of political opinions.

Kayanza provincial Governor Anicet Ndayizeye said in his welcoming speech that his province is stable. He also expressed his thanks to the students on vacation in Kabarore commune for their massive participation in the summer camps.

Mr. Ndayizeye urged young students to build solidarity and not be distracted by politicians as Burundi is drawing near to the 2020 general elections.

Minister Jean Bosco Ntunzwenimana also congratulated the students on vacation for drawing the contour lines during the summer camps.

Minister Ntunzwenimana pointed out that the election period is not a horrible time but rather a time to choose the leaders, a practice that, according to him, helps establish democracy. At the same time, he asked the youth to remain quiet, show solidarity and get united so that they would not be disorganized by politicians noticed during the election period. He added that after the elections, life goes on.

The works for concreting the modern market of Songore clashed with those of the environmental Thursday and with the closure of the development works by the students on vacation.

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