The use of dolomite is very essential to fight against the acidity of soils

RUMONGE January 19th (ABP) – The Forum of Agricultural Producers of Burundi (FOPABU) gathered on Wednesday representatives of farmers and cooperatives of Mirwa and Imbo regions of Rumonge province (southwest), in a message of awareness-raising for use of dolomite with the aim of fighting against soil acidity.
According to Jacques Nimubona of FOPABU, assistant of the project leader “voice of peasants”, 60% of Burundian land and 27% of arable land have a high acidity. More than 50% of the arable land in Bugarama, Burambi and Buyengero communes is characterized by high acidity, he said. He said that dolomite lime is the right medicine for remedying soil acidity.
Jacques Nimubona makes farmers aware of the use of liming whenever they use chemicals or traditional fertilizers, dolomite to develop the root of the plant and fight against soil erosion as long as the dolomite costs less expensive, a bag of 50 kilos costing 3,000 BIF.
Those representatives of associations and cooperatives have been asked to make their members aware of the use of dolomite. Janvier Nsavyimana from Ziganyumwimbu (save your harvest) collectivity, a specialist in rice crop, said that they will now use liming to fight against acidity in Gatakwa Valley at Kigwena where they grow that crop. It is the same case for Cassilde Ntamavukiro from Dutegure kazoza (plan our future) cooperative who deals with the palm oil crop at Minago.
FOPABU working in 12 agricultural sectors assists 1,500,000 farmers associations and cooperatives throughout the country
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