BUJUMBURA January 29th (ABP) – Two people were killed in various circumstances on Saturday and Sunday in the Muramvya (central-western) and Muyinga (north-east) provinces, the spokesman of the Ministry in charge of Public Security, Commissioner Pierre Nkurikiye, said on Monday.

In Muramvya province, the crime was committed in Busimba village. The victim, known as Innocent Nahayo was killed with machetes, according to the finding that was made on Sunday by the Burundi National Police (PNB), Commissioner Nkurikiye said. Two alleged perpetrators of that crime, namely Anthère Ngendakuriyo, Communal Director of Education in Busimba and Salvator Nsavyimana were arrested for investigative reasons.

In Muyinga province, the crime took place on Sunday at 9:00 pm in a bar of Kijumbura village in Giteranyi commune. According to the police, it is the named Pascal Habimana who was killed with sticks on the head, by the bar owner named Zacharie Ndayizeye. He accused him of having too much contact with his wife Jeanine Nsengiyumva who was also having a drink in that bar. The victim died while he was at the Masaka health center, Commissioner Nkurikiye said. The alleged perpetrator of that crime is in the hands of the police, while Ms. Jeanine Nsengiyumva is in custody at the PNB station for security reasons.

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