CANKUZO November 12th (ABP) – Five bags of organo-mineral manure (FOMI) were seized at the night of Thursday November 7, crossing the Tanzanian-Burundian border in Rutsindu village of Mishiha commune of Cankuzo province (east), according to administrative and police sources.

A certain Niyingwanira Hassan of Rutsindu village was apprehended in flagrance at the night of Thursday November 7th by the joint security committee with 5 bags of FOMI made in Burundi.

The administrator of the Mishiha commune is worried about this bad habit of malicious people. He quickly convened a meeting for local elected officials and joint security committees to encourage them to strengthen the system of vigilance in order to apprehend all the perpetrators of the fraud since this manure did not manage to satisfy the needs of all the farmers who ordered it, the administrator of the Mishiha commune, Mr. Anaclet Bizimana, continued to say.

He further commended the Joint Security Committees which remain vigilant in beefing up peace and security.

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