Fruit tree nurseries to be planted in Buhiga commune

KARUSI January 4th (ABP) -The Director General of Agriculture officially launched on January 2, 2019 the national tree planting campaign by planting fruit trees in Nyamugari village, Buhiga commune in Karusi province (central-east), where he congratulated the “Ewe Burundi urambaye” provincial committee for its achievements, a check by ABP revealed. He first visited a nursery with 50,000 young plants of “maracouja”, before moving on to the distribution of the young plants and the very planting of the fruit trees.

The governor’s senior adviser stated that Karusi province has already installed 1,973,386 young forest, agro forestry and fruit trees, while Buhiga communal administrator, Ms. Euphrasie Ntakaritimana, has announced that her commune has already installed 167,000 young plants of eucalyptus, 229,919 greveria and caliandra plants, 140,000 plum plants and 250,000 maracouja plants.

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