BUJUMBURA February 19th (ABP) – Political conflicts of interest among members of political parties in Bujumbura province (western Burundi) can be avoided. This was declared on Monday to the check by ABP, by Ms. Adélaïde Hatangayo, the advisor of the governor of Bujumbura in charge of social and cultural issues.

Indeed, she said, the offensive language and misunderstandings between members of different political parties often lead to violence. The Bujumbura province has an unfortunate experience in the past where people died during the election campaign or during the elections. “Since conflicts still exist in society and in our communities, if we have not been able to prevent them, they may arise, but the important thing is to find a solution as soon as possible,” Hatangayo suggested, pointing out that parties in conflict must sit together and seek solutions to the dispute between them, without recourse to violence, because dialogue is better than force.

The referendum of May 2018, which ran smoothly in that province without any clashes or loss of life, is an experience that can guide the politicians of the province in the organization of free, democratic and peaceful elections in 2020, she added.

On her part, Ms. Suzanne Ndoricimpa, one of the leaders of the CNDD-FDD political party in Mutimbuzi commune, finds that the non-respect of the electoral code by the opposition parties which want to seek votes, by all means, is at the origin of those clashes.

As for Mr. Jean-Marie Niyonkuru of the Palipe-Agakiza party, the narrowing of the political space by the administration, the double standard observed during an election campaign is the cause that warms the spirits.

A member of the National Congress for Freedom (CNL) who requested anonymity shares the opinion with that Palipe-Agakiza activist.

All in all, Burundi can organize peaceful elections that lead to development, concluded Ms. Hatangayo, giving the example of the 2018 referendum.

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