NGOZI March 13th (ABP) – Burundi Repatriated Women’s Association (AFRABU) has organized a regional forum in Ngozi (North) to share experiences among women parliamentarians, grassroots elected women and women leaders of civil society organizations to adopt strategies to promote the participation of Burundi women in the electoral process and the building of peace and security.

Ms. Marie Concessa Barubike, AFRABU coordinator and head of the lobbying and advocacy project, says that women must take the lead, show what they are capable of doing, make their visibility to promote their participation and their role in the 2020 elections, and participate actively to keep and build peace in Burundi.

That organization, which wants to be a leader in the economic promotion and social reintegration of women, intends to make every effort to affirm the role and place of women in sustainable development, since women are numerous in the country and must, as a result, be so numerous in the electoral decision-making positions.

That forum organized during the International Women’s Month is a kind of advocacy to increase their score in the important places, after the 2020 elections.

The reality of the moment is that women remain very few in the electoral positions, despite their high number in the population. Thus, they occupy only 6% at the national level in the electoral positions at the village level. In the north of the country, scores remain very low. In Ngozi, women village leaders amount to 19 out of 229 men. In Kayanza, there are 20 women out of 235 men, 19 out of 221 in Muyinga and 7 out of 186 in Kirundo.

Note that this two-day forum has brought together the northern provinces of the country, namely Ngozi, Kayanza, Kirundo and Muyinga. Such forums are also planned in Gitega for the central-eastern region, in Rutana for the south and Bujumbura City Council for the west of the country.

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