MUYINGA February 11th (ABP) – More than 10 people have been bitten by rabid dogs for a week in Mugano zone, Giteranyi commune, Muyinga province (northeastern Burundi), according to an administrative source on site. The affected villages are Rubenga, Mangoma and Mugano. The communal administration calls on all local elected officials to protect the people by killing all stray canines that attack people and domestic animals on pasture. The communal administrator, Ms. Florida Nduwayezu, also advises victims to seek treatment, as quickly as possible, to avoid being contaminated by canine rabies. The communal authority of Giteranyi alerts her colleagues from Butihinda and Bwambaragwe communes in Kirundo province (north) on the danger because those dogs are moving towards the villages of the two communes bordering with the Giteranyi commune.

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