KARUSI March 9th (ABP) – On the day that the world celebrates International Women’s Day, the provincial coordinator of the Center for Family and Community Development (CDFC), Mr. Roger Nibizi, said that cases of gender-based violence that especially affect the women are frequent in Karusi province.

In their day-to-day work, at the provincial, communal and community levels, the CDFC regularly plays the role of listening to, counseling, orienting and assisting victims of gender-based violence, Roger Nibizi said. Women in this province are, here and there, victims of physical, psychological, social and economic violence, he says.

Being a governmental structure, the CDFC suffers from a problem that it considers common: very limited financial resources. However, Mr. Roger Nibizi thanked the government, which, with partners such as PAIVA-B I and PAIVA-B II as well as PRODEFI, had thought of support for the CDFC. Similarly, some international organizations such as World-Vision and ‘Terre des Hommes’ help the CDFC in certain activities, Mr. Roger Nibizi added.

It is worth noting that the illustrative figures for cases of gender-based violence, particularly those of women, were not revealed by Mr. Nibizi because he needs special permission from the supervising Ministry.

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