BUJUMBURA February 1st (ABP) – The governor of Bujumbura (western Burundi), Ms. Nadine Gacuti, met, on Wednesday January 30, 2019, the provincial security unit to analyze the security situation that prevailed during the month of January. It has been found that security has been good throughout the province.

Provincial Police Commissioner Deo Bigirimana reported that there were no major incidents except that gunshots were heard in Gisovu village, Kiyenzi Zone, Kanyosha Commune, but perpetrators were not apprehended. He also regretted that 163 Burundians have just been expelled from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and that they were described as undesirable by Congolese, according to the documents that they had on their own. These Burundians, tired because they were beaten and imprisoned in the DRC, according to their statements, were stripped of their goods.

As part of the epidemiological surveillance, the provincial doctor, Dr. Joel Nibigira, said that in addition to the Ebola epidemic, the Bujumbura health province is trying to control all back-and-forth movements on the border with the DRC, including those of those repressed.

The Director of the Provincial Office of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (BPEAE), Mr. Daniel Mazarahisha, said that the vaccination campaign for small ruminants in the 2nd phase continues. He appealed to the administrative officials to mobilize the people to bring all the animals. He regretted that Nyabiraba village refused to vaccinate them because of its obscure beliefs.

Governor Gacuti urged everyone to work for the maintenance of peace and security in the quadrilogy. If gunshots are heard, the police and the administration must work together to investigate and determine the perpetrators urgently, Gacuti said.

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