A collaboration between the courts and the administration to defend the interests of the State and the communities has been established

MAKAMBA March 13th (ABP) – The chairman of the Makamba High Court (TGI), Mr. Melchior Nkurunziza, calls on the judges in his jurisdiction to be vigilant and to collaborate with the administrative authorities to defend the State lands. According to him, the clerks of the court will have to inform the presiding judges each time they receive disputes involving the administration, a check by ABP at a meeting that the TGI organized the weekend for judges and clerks of residential courts of Makamba province (southern Burundi), has revealed.
Mr. Nkurunziza returned to the trial of Mvugo in Nyanza-Lac commune, which the judiciary put into execution recently while it dated from 2004. He indicated that, from now on, they will work in agreement with the communal administration that will be able to put a third opposition whenever its interests are stifled. He said judges and administrative authorities work for the same country, the reason why they should be vigilant and ensure that they do not trample on the interests of the State or the local administration.
During the meeting, it was also a question of consolidating households. To that end, the governor of Makamba asked the judges not to promote divorce because, there are men who want to separate with their spouses when their social level increases.
To curb those cases, the chairman of the Makamba high court asked the heads of the courts of residences to ensure the respect of the procedures related to the divorce. If the couple lives under common-law marriage, and the husband does not want to unite with his first wife, the justice will have to share the assets in two equal parts.

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