RUMONGE April 27th (ABP) – The people of Kizuka village and zone in Rumonge commune received 20 taps on Wednesday April 24. Those infrastructures were built by the Pentecost Church of Mugara Mission, as part of its project to supply drinking water in that village.

According to Simon Barankunda, 1st Reverend of the Pentecost Church of Mugara Mission, they will continue to run the drinking water supply project in other zones of Rumonge commune: Buruhukiro, Gatete and Kigwena. He noted that the Mugara Mission is still working to find development partners for similar projects.

The governor of the province, Mr. Juvenal Bigirimana, who enhanced with his presence those activities of handing over that drinking water supply to the people, thanked the Pentecost Church of Mugara Mission for that donation.

He called on the people of that village to maintain that precious infrastructure; recalling that the cholera epidemic has shaken that province and that the first case was recorded at Kizuka. He said that each household will pay a sum of 300 BIF per month for maintenance, adding that the water will be free of charge.

The people of Kizuka village were satisfied with the donation because finding drinking water was very problematic. “To get drinking water, we had to pay 100 BIF for a 5-liter can; if we could not find the money, one was forced to drink the dirty water from Lake Tanganyika,” says one of the residents of Kizuka village, promising to set up a village committee for the management of the donation.

This Drinking Water Supply Project in Kizuka village was funded by the Pentecost Church of Sweden, through the Mission of the Mugara Pentecost Church, for an amount of 567,225,000 BIF.

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