RUMONGE February 19th (ABP) – The UPRONA party celebrated on Saturday February 16, 2019 the 57th anniversary of its victory in the elections that brought Burundi to independence. Those ceremonies, which took place in the Gatete zone of the Rumonge commune and province (south-west of Burundi), were enhanced by the 1st Deputy President of the Republic. They started with a march by the party members (the Badasigana) which led them to the Gatete stadium where the very ceremonies took place.

The provincial secretary of the UPRONA party in Rumonge, Mr. David Mukanya, said that in accordance with the directives of the party’s central leadership, trips are made up to the level of the villages. The party is doing very well, he said, adding that it is in perfect collaboration with other political parties and administrative authorities. He said UPRONA is well equipped to win the next election in 2020.

Mr. Abel Gashatsi, UPRONA Secretary General, recalled that the victory of the party was acquired in self-denial by Prince Louis Rwagasore. He commended the perfect collaboration that characterizes the Badasigana of Rumonge and the other political parties. He thanked them for not being confused by the recent turmoil that tried to destabilize the UPRONA party by being based on the theft of the party’s property.

The UPRONA party’s general secretary, who promised the Badasigana their party’s victory in the 2020 elections, asked them not to believe the rumors, to multiply the meetings and to stay united.

The 1st Deputy President of the Republic said that the UPRONA party is “unique” for leading Burundi to independence. However, he said, some detractors have tried to divide it by labeling it to be a party of only the Tutsi ethnic group or elderly. “The UPRONA party, which advocates unity, work and progress, is still standing even though it has experienced hard times,” he said.

While the party was welcoming new members, he asked them to be in contact with others and not be afraid. He urged those who tried to divide the activists to ask for forgiveness and to work together for UPRONA’s victory in 2020.

Those ceremonies ended with a football match between JRR youth from the Gatete zone and the Minago zone. The score was 1-0 in favor of the Gatete team. The 1st Deputy President of the Republic gave each team a sum of 50,000 BIF.

In addition, the 1st Deputy President of the Republic joined the Christians of the Minago Catholic parish on Sunday February 17, 2019, in the celebration of the Sunday Mass. In his message, he asked Burundians to put into action the command of God that calls for the love of one’s neighbor as they love themselves. The government of Burundi always puts forward God, he added, pointing out that this is mentioned in the constitution of the Republic of Burundi.

Mr. Sindimwo winked at the people of Rumonge to gather in cooperatives because, he said, the government cannot give job to everyone.

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