More than 161 prisoners have benefited from the Presidential pardon

MURAMVYA February 26th (ABP) – More than 161 prisoners from the Muramvya Prison (Center-West) benefited from the Presidential pardon since the afternoon of Thursday February 22, 2018. The commission by the Ministry of justice which proceeded to the implementation of the Decree n° 100/003 of January 31st on a measure of pardon for the inmates of Muramvya prison, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.
That prison, originally built for 100 inmates in 1948, had 702 before the end of January 2018, an occupancy rate of 702% of which 446 men and 21 women.
The beneficiaries of the Presidential pardon praised the Presidential pardon and thanked President Pierre Nkurunziza, according to some of them in an interview with ABP.
The senior adviser of the Governor of Muramvya province, Mr. Ali Kassim, who participated in the supervision of that activity, asked in his speech the beneficiaries of the pardon to return to their respective households, and to refrain from committing any form of offense.
For those convicted on charges of “undermining the internal security of the State”, Governor Ali Kassim recommended that such a dirty act be no longer thought of, but peace and national tranquility. He also asked them to cohabit well with those they will find on their hills or quarters of origin and not to be absent to both family and community development works.

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