Second Deputy President Joseph Butore (right) receives Tanzanian ambassador Radjabu. H. Gamaha

BUJUMBURA June 19th (ABP) – The Second Deputy President of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Joseph Butore, received on Monday the ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania to Burundi, Mr. Radjabu H. Gamaha, who came to present him his farewells.

The two personalities agreed to keep those projects among the priorities to be handed over to Tanzania’s next ambassador to Burundi. Some sections of the EAC transnational road are already rehabilitated, while others still need to be built. This is the case of the section on the Tanzanian side, from the Mugina border in Makamba province to Gasulu in Tanzania and the section from Nyanza-Lac to Bujumbura. They also acknowledged that this project is of great importance to both countries. The procedures for researching funding are very advanced and the two countries have agreed to continue to collaborate for the realization of that road.During that courtesy visit, the two personalities exchanged on the ongoing economic and infrastructure projects that were initiated during Ambassador Gamaha’s three-year mission to Burundi, projects that still need to benefit from his attention and especially the attention of his successor, according to the spokesman of the 2nd Deputy President, Isidore Ntirampeba. These include the rehabilitation of the transnational road linking Burundi, Tanzania and Rwanda through Bujumbura and Rumonge, the road linking Cankuzo (Burundi) and Gahumo (Tanzania) through Mishiha, the construction project of the railway linking the Burundian locality of Musongati to Uvinza in Tanzania; and the project to build a hydroelectric dam at Rusomo, which will supply electricity to Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.

The other priority presented by the 2nd Deputy President is the road linking the Burundian province of Cankuzo to the region of Gahumo (Tanzania) through Mishiha. The road is of great importance especially in terms of the relations between the people living on both sides of the Burundian-Tanzanian border, but also in the commercial relations between the two countries. Once built, this road will reduce the distances that transporters make from Dar-Es Salam to Bujumbura. Ambassador Gamaha also said that the project is of great importance to his people. On the Burundian side, negotiations with partners for this road are progressing very well.

Referring to the major construction project of the railway linking the Burundian locality of Musongati to Uvinza in Tanzania, which will mainly be used to transport Musongati Nickel ore from Burundi, both parties spoke about the advanced discussions. Tanzania is waiting for Burundi’s signal to start works as soon as contacts with nickel mining partners are also advanced. The two officials also welcomed the state of play of the realization of the project of construction of a regional hydro dam in Rusomo that will supply electricity to Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.

Ambassador Gamaha pledged to plead with his government to speed up the ongoing process of repatriation of Burundian refugees through the Tripartite Commission (Burundi, Tanzania and UNHCR) during this period of the long dry season. Burundian refugees returning home can prepare for the start of the school year for the children and prepare for the next cropping season. The 2nd Deputy President of Burundi also thanked Ambassador Gamaha for his personal involvement in the search for security and peace for Burundi.

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