KAYANZA January 3rd (ABP) – A 17-year-old girl known as Mutoni w’Imana Neilla from the commune of Muhanga in Kayanza province (north) and from the Batwa community won the night of Wednesday until Thursday, the so-called Miss Kayanza 2020 competition thanks to its beauty and intelligence.

We weren’t used to seeing Batwa girls participating in that kind of competition which dates from 2012. She said that it was thanks to the awareness meetings led by administrative officials at all levels that she saw fit to participate in said competition.

Regarding the projects she intends to carry out as Miss Kayanza 2020, she promises to sensitize young Batwa to follow school training and to banish sexual vagrancy and early pregnancies.

She also pledged to invite young people, especially those who had not had the chance to do and complete their studies, to come together in associations to put their strength together, a check on the site by ABP.

The so-called Miss Kayanza 2020 competition for the election of the most beautiful and intelligent girl in the Kayanza province which took place on the night of Wednesday to Thursday was marked by both traditional and modern dances. It was also embellished with a fashion show and answers to oral questions.

That competition, which had seen the participation of eight candidates, was won by a certain Neilla Mutoni w’Imana who had represented the Muhanga commune.

We also chose two runners according to the results obtained during the competition.

The initiator of the Umuco group, Mr. Jean Claude Niyonkuru affiliated with the Burundi Scout Association, which organizes that Miss Kayanza competition annually, said that the said competition is organized with the aim of demonstrating the intelligence and talents of the girls of Kayanza province.

He also indicated that the Miss Kayanza competition is improving as young girls have already understood that it is organized for them with the aim of allowing the strengthening of their education, adding that there are many of them today, which was not the case yesterday.

However, Mr. Niyongabo urged the parents not to constitute a hindrance by preventing their daughters from participating in the Miss Kayanza competition.

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