RUMONGE May 16th (ABP) – The administrator of the Rumonge commune (southwest), Mr. Célestin Nitanga, held on Monday May 13, 2019 a meeting gathering the farmers who have their fields near the banks of the Dama river to exchange on the protection of those banks.

According to those farmers, the Dama River has already done a lot of damage by destroying their crops following repeated flooding, caused by the shift from its bed. The latter, complaining that the efforts made to protect their fields against floods have remained in vain, ask the administrator to support them so as not to lose any harvests that could help them in their needs.

The administrator reassured those farmers by making it known that the GIZ, which was approached by the commune, agreed to carry out two projects to protect the Dama and Mugerangabo rivers, during this year. Moreover, the commune will contribute to the protection of the Dama River so that it does not get out of bed, said Mr. Nitanga, who called on those farmers to stand behind the commune for that project to be realized.

The repetitive floods of the Dama River have already caused many crop losses in the plain of Rumonge.

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