The Governor asks help for victims of weather

RUMONGE February 26th (ABP) – Provincial governor of Rumonge Juvenal Bigirimana appeals to the benefactors to help the victims of the heavy rains that hit Rumonge on February 19 and 20, 2018. He said that the province is trying to help them with its limited means. He said those people need food for a long time since the climate change destroyed crops at harvest time. He said those victims are in need of help in metal sheets, saying more than 300 homes were destroyed and their roofs washed away.
According to the report made by the governor, 8 fishermen whose only one body was found, disappeared in Lake Tanganyika. Three women also lost their lives and six others were injured as a result of the collapse of the Kagongo Pentecostal Church walls, and 18 fishing boats were also destroyed.

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