CANKUZO July 5th (ABP) – The administrator of the Mishiha commune in Cankuzo province (eastern Burundi), Mr. Anaclet Bizimana, held a meeting on Tuesday July 2, 2019, in favor of the administrative staff, the security and justice agents, representatives of political parties, religious denominations and civil society organizations working in that commune to raise their awareness on the good behavior to adopt during the pre- and post-election period.

Mr. Bizimana invited the representatives of all the services to be good leaders, gatherers of all who work for the building of peace and tightening of security and who put forward the development of the commune.

Representatives of political parties, religious denominations and civil society are called on to avoid violent communication and political manipulation. To those of security and justice, he asked to sanction any disrupter of peace and security in accordance with the law, regardless of their political affiliation, religious denomination or their authority.

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