KAYANZA January 14th (ABP) – The people of Kayanza (north) is called upon to be concerned with family planning, especially by adhering to the various contraceptive methods.

That appeal was made to them by the governor of that province, based on data from the general population and housing census of 2008, which show that a woman of reproductive age gave birth to seven children and that ‘in 2012 the ISTEEBU figures show that the number of children per woman has decreased from seven to five which, according to him, proves that there has been a significant advance. However, a big step remains to be taken, he said during an interview with the ABP.

In fact, the contraceptive coverage rate increases from 19% in 2016 to more than 30% in this present year. But, indicated that it takes time to achieve a noticeable and remarkable decrease in the birth rate in particular and population growth in general.

On the basis of those aforementioned data, the governor of Kayanza welcomes the initiative of the natives of that province who contribute and are involved in raising awareness about family planning because, according to him always, it is deplorable to see a child die from kwashiorkor when a couple continues to give birth.

In that perspective, the governor calls on his citizens to responsible reproduction in order to achieve sustainable development.

He recommends the administrative officials, religious leaders and those responsible for human health to get involved in limiting births, in order to allow the province to land a good place in terms of family planning.

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