The Head of State carries out development works in Ngozi

NGOZI March 4th (ABP) – Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza, during his visit in Ngozi province (north of the country), went to his fields in Ritanga village of Gashikanwa commune where he visited the pigsty, his cows and goats. He then joined the people of the Buye Zone in community development works. The works consisted of approaching the cement for the construction of the car park of the central market of Vyerwa.

According to Mr. Emmanuel Ndayizeye, Administrator of the Mwumba commune, that car park is intended to receive at least 200 vehicles. The market was inaugurated last August and has 248 stalls, two sheds and a microfinance. It was built as part of the community development works.

The Presidency of the Republic contributed the iron sheets, the iron bars and the cement.

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