The rainfall will be normal throughout the 2018 crop season B

NGOZI March 6th (ABP) – According to the 2018 B seasonal forecast of the Geographical Institute of Burundi (IGEBU) which covers the months of March, April and May, the Buyenzi region and especially the Ngozi province will experience normal rainfall throughout the season. The cessation of rains is scheduled for late May.
Given this trend, the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock of Ngozi proposes to farmers an agricultural calendar that must be scrupulously respected for a better harvest.
Growing voluble beans would be scheduled for completion on March 10th while dwarf bean growing is expected by March 15th. For non-irrigated vegetables, growing is also planned by March 15th while solder crops will be planted before April 15th. The forecast does not project many negative impacts except for hydraulic and insect-borne diseases. There may also be disaster risks that need to be closely monitored.
The Ngozi province experienced good rainfall in the 2018 crop season A. This had positive impacts on food prices which fell dramatically in the various Ngozi markets.

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