BUJUMBURA February 4th (ABP) – The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research organized a workshop in Bujumbura on Thursday January 31, 2019, on strategic orientations for the implementation of a platform for all development actors.

In his address, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mr. Gaspard Banyankimbona, pointed out that universities must play a major role in building the necessary capacities to ensure the effectiveness of the processes used to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDG). The construction of universities must focus on the development of high-level human resources in priority development areas and the creation or adaptation of new knowledge needed to achieve national sustainable development goals, he added.

To play their role, universities need to review their training offerings to align with current and future development needs at the national level and in the environment world. They must also, according to Mr. Banyankimbona, build the research and innovation capacities needed to support the implementation of development programs.

He also pointed out that there will be a partnership between companies and universities. According to him, internships in companies will be a highlight of the new professional training. This will allow students to develop capacities of autonomy, adaptation and an ability to understand the company as a whole.

In an interview with the media, Minister Banyankimbona recalled that development is everyone’s business and that everyone at their level should get involved. It was noted, he added, that there is “a gap between the academic world, the business world and the production sectors”. He also pointed out that there is untapped expertise that is available in research centers, available in universities while it is essential for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. For that reason, Mr. Banyankimbona explained that it has been imagined to create a platform for all development partners such as academics, entrepreneurs and international organizations.

During his speech, Mr. Juma Shabani, the Director of the doctoral school, deplored the behavior of some researchers who hide in the drawers the results of research carried out while they could be used for development.

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