MUYINGA March 4th (ABP) – The President of the Upper House of Parliament, Mr. Reverien Ndikuriyo, has been touring in the Muyinga province (north-east of Burundi) since Friday.

The tour started with the Giteranyi and Butihinda communes. Senator Ndikuriyo talked to participants on several topics including the distant origins of divisions that undermine Burundians. For him, the harm that Burundi is suffering from goes back very far to the colonial era. The Senate President stated on this point that the institution he represents has made two retreats to scrutinize why Burundians like to kill each other. The Senators concluded that “the ethnic venom was inoculated to the Burundians by the Belgian colonist.

Mr. Ndikuriyo said that this evil cannot find a cure without drawing on the colonial past. This is why, he said, the truth and reconciliation commission has just been commissioned to begin its work, starting from 1885.

The President of the Upper House also mobilized the people for a change of behavior in their way of life. “Every family must have a vision of development including family planning”. Senator Ndikuriyo urges families to give birth to the children they are able to raise.

On the social front, the Senate President also calls on the people to bring up children with dignity. According to him, “young girls must be made aware of the respect of their bodies.

For him, the human body for both young people and adults is an irreplaceable “capital” for the future. He deplores unwanted pregnancies in school environments. “It’s a failed life for these girls,” he says.

In the field of development, he calls on the people to change agricultural methods. “Operate small areas but produce a lot,” he advises. In the field of the environment, he recommends reforestation to keep water in the soil instead of letting it go elsewhere.

During the exchanges, the people of Giteranyi asked that the mode of choice of the schoolchildren to affect in the schools of excellence can change.

The speaker requested that there be a selection based on an examination. Speaking of the ordinance bill on the national competition of the class 9 of basic school where only the candidates who had good score in class will be able to pass the said contest, the speaker asked to leave the luck to all and to advocate the advancement for all those who will have passed the contest.

Another asked for the construction of a residence court in a locality close to the Ruzo and Masaka zones, as the two entities are 19 km from the communal headquarters. The establishment of a police station in that corner would also be an advantage for the people.

In Butihinda commune, the miners did not hide their discomfort because they can no longer exploit their former sites currently occupied by the company African mining Burundi.

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