RUYIGI January 29th (ABP) – The Merankabandi social sector project proceeded on Friday with the official launch of the 2nd pilot phase of its activities in Ruyigi province (east). The coordinator of the project at the national level, Mr. Michel Nyabenda, is satisfied with the stage already reached in the implementation of that project in Ruyigi. The beneficiary people of Ruyigi express their wish that this project can be more successful and last a long time, he added.

Those activities, which begin in Ruyigi province, consist in training beneficiaries in entrepreneurship, with the assistance of specialists in health, education sectors and others, with the aim of better exploiting the money capital acquired by the monetary transfer.

It is also about the sustainability of the gains so that the beneficiaries can reach the autonomy and to take ownership of the project when it reaches its term. The project coordinator at the national level, Mr. Michel Nyabenda, spoke of a success and a pleasant surprise, after noting that many beneficiaries have already started income-generating activities and that their daily life has improved significantly with the arrival of the project. He pointed out that this second phase comes precisely to support such initiatives for this money received by cash transfer to be better exploited to achieve sustainable development at the individual and community levels. He emphasized that each project has a beginning and an end, and that each beneficiary should think about their self-empowerment at the end of the project and prepare accordingly. The people of Ruyigi are happy with the assistance of that project and wish it lasted long.

It is worth noting that Ruyigi province was chosen as a pilot in the implementation of the project at the national level. The project currently covers four communes in Ruyigi province, namely Butaganzwa, Butezi, Bweru and Gisuru, and 12,000 households, considered to be the poorest, benefit from its assistance.

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